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Shin Dougu Mandala (New Tool Mandala) by Muramatsu Teijiro 85 Order Full Colour 190 Japanese


Lots of beautiful photos of Japanese tools, basically full colour. One of the most famous tools photo collection book in Japan. Every other page has a photo of rare Japanese tool.

This book is mentioned in Odate-san's "Japanese Woodworking Tools".

2nd generation Hidari Ichihiro (Yamazaki Isami, father of Yamazaki Shouzou) chisels.

Chiyozuru Korehide "Yamahiko" gennou.

Chiyozuru Korehide "Okina" gennou.

Yamaguchi Sukezaemon douzuki saw. Yamaguchi was one of four sawsmiths from Niigata who charged more than Nakaya Inosuke.

Japanese shell marquetry materials (Yakougai).

Kouzaburou gennou.

Kunikei hibachi tong.

Chiyozuru Taro "Unjyu" plane blade. Taro is Korehide's only son who comited suicide when he was young. Said to be even more talneted than Korehide himself. Unjyu has the most numbers of fakes made in the history. This blade is also a fake according to the famous Korehide collector Tsuchida Ichirou. If this is a fake the blacksmith who made it did a great job (^^)

Usui Kengo "Mumei (No mei)" and "Kenkon" planes.