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Japanese Woodworking Tools by Toshio Odate 54 AU 8 Black & White 190 English


Possibly THE best Japanese tool book, and it is even written in English!

I was very impressed when I first read this book. Since I can read Japanese I always read Japanese books on this subject, thus never opened this book until recently that I am starting this site. It covers basically every Japanese tools, refering to its tradition, spirit and use. There are not many, or maybe none that covers this topic in single book even in Japanese. This book should actually be translated into Japanese!

I really respect Odate-san as a genuine shokunin, he is full of heart. He not only explains how to adjust and use the tools, but he also goes into the spiritual aspect of Japanse tools, refering to his apprenticeship days in Japan when he was young. It is written so eloquently as if it is somekind of a novel, it is simply fun to read as a reading material.

I would love to meet Odate-san someday, but for now let me just say "Thank you so much Odate-san for sharing your precious experience in English.(^^) Izure dokoka de oai dekireba saikou desu."