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Uchibamono Shokunin by Knife Magazine 40 Order Full Colour 160 Japanese

One of the best Japanese tools photo collection book. I have contacted Imai Kesaharu-san the editor in chief of Knife Magazine and asked if he can help me publishing an English version of this book, but they were too busy with their monthly issue of Knife magazines, there was no way they could work on this project unfortunately.

This book has a picture or two in almost every page. It features most of the blacksmiths who creates all the tools introduced on this web site. Chiyozuru Korehide, Hidari Ichihiro, Usui Kengo, Doushinsai Masatsura, Kunikei, Hinoura Tsukasa, Shigefusa, Ichihara Kiyotaka, Hidari Hisasaku, Choutarou, Mosaku, Konobu, Kajitora, Shimamura Kouzaburou (Kiyotada), Ishidou, etc.

The translation on the Kunikei artcile (see Kunikei chisel's page) is from this magazine (although the translation was not done by me.)

I am planning on translating and adding it to the book, but not certain when I can get to it since I'm super busy lately. Any one who buys a copy from me before my translation completes, can contact me and I'll send you the translation.