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Tenryuu 225g ~ 750g (Japan Tool recommeded genno)

6000 ~ 20000

JP Sanjyo,

Japan Tool Most Recommended Gennou

Trusted handmade genno maker from Sanjyo, Niigata. Now that Hishikan's Hsagawa-san has passed, you might be able to say Tenryuu is the only cost effective quality genno maker. The two striking surfaces are hardened separately from the center of the body, i.e. both ends hardened more, the center less, to create the more expensive laminated gennou's feel with affordable price.

You can order Daruma style for every finish.

White oak handles (straight or curved) can be attached as shown below. Straight handle $10, Curved handle $20.

Tsuchime (Hammer mark) Finish

Daruma Style. Good for striking the chisel.

Bachi Style.


Close up of the hammer marks.

Handle made with Horizontal Scrub from Tasmania.

Teuchi (Hand hammerd) Finish

Gennous need to be ground to shape, but this model keep the rough hammer marks without smoothening.


Kasumi (Hazy) Finish