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Tenryu 70mm in stock
Azuma Eisaku 70mm only

AU$150 (blade w/ chipbreaker) JP 60 ~ 70 mm Sanjyo,

High quality Blue Steel #1 blades, made by Sanjyo plane blade blacksmith. Blue Steel is the most all round steel, which can tackle from the softest to the hardest of woods. Although it is harder to sharpen compared to carbon steels, once it gets sharp, it will stay sharp longer than carbon steels (except for the very best ones. They very best carbon steel blades forged by couple of turely skilled carbon steel specialists will last longer. But these are more expensive).

I was requested for a blade which can be used to practice dai making. I assume someone who is willing to practice dai making, might be a beginner for dai making, but quite familiar with J planes, so I didn't want to choose the cheapest carbon steel blades, such as the factory made "riki-zai" blades. Also, I didn't want to choose a blade that didn't look good either. Most of the economy level plane blades don't have round heads (because it takes more effor to round it) and the black oxide film not as good looking (even with the most common black finish, there are well made ones and not so well made ones.) At the same time I was asked to choose something around $100 to $150, and that made the choice a bit tough, but these I can guarrantee that they will serve you for your lifetime, no matter what your skill level.

If you want the dai to be made, it can be made by Inomoto-san. In this case please let me know if you want it made with Red/White oak, with/without chipbreaker. Also if you want a kiri box, it can be supplied as well.

Anyone looking for a better quality blade please let me know, and as long as you can wait, you can get any blades from any model (except for the ones that are no longer made) from any blacksmiths. You can tell me your comfortable budget, and your preference of steel (or what kind of wood you work with most frequently) and I'll get back to you with my recommendation. But basically if you ask me for the best quality all rounder, I'd recommend Tougou-Reigou ("En") or Tougou-kou ("Ouzan") plane from Yokoyama-san. Simply unbeatable.


Traditional Sanjyo style. This model can be ordered with various sizes. I recommend 60mm for ladies, men/kids with smaller hands (easier to hold and pull), and entrant J plane users (easier to adjust if the size is smaller). Since I'm not a carpenter, I myself use 60mm most frequently out of 60, 65,70mm.

Traditional Tokyo style design. This model is a very old stock from the 1980s, thus has been age hardened very well (harder = sharper & longer lasting). Only 70mm available & limited stock. If you are wondering between this and the Tenryu, and are after 70mm, I'd recommend this one, becaues of its age. Older blades are always better in performance.

High quality handmade lamineted chipbreaker. If you are making a single blade dai, you won't need one.