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Tokyo Etsuei by Tutsumi Tomokazu (Jointer Plane 39cm. Fully Sharpened and Adjusted. Collector's item.) 450
AU 1 70mm Tokyo


Made by the hidden master Tsutsumi Tomokazu who has passed multi decades ago. His Otokozakari plane is considered to be a collector's must item.

[Otoko-zakari by Tsutsumi Tomokazu]

This plane is made by Tsutsumi-san under the brand name of famous Tokyo plane making factory Etsuei. This factory was well know for hiring talented blacksmiths whose name wasn't known to the public, and have them make plane blades with Etsuei brand so that they can produce a high quality tools with reasonable price. Less than half the price of Otoko-zakari.

Over 30 years old unused stock, with a bit of rust mark. The steel is most likely to be Blue Steel #1. The blades are both basically sharpened and the back flattened (it needs a bit more attention since I sharpened it long time ago). The dai was seriously warped but planed, cleaned and adjusted. It is super dry with no cracks.

Both blades are charcoal smithed and water hardened. You can see the similarity of the kawa (oxide film) between this blade and Otokozakari.The chip breaker is as you can see tomoura (from the same maker).


Rusty around the mei, but fortunately no rust on the steel. The blade was three dimentionally warped, so I had to do uradashi and made it touch the stone. It was really dificult.


The oxide film so similar to Otokozakari's rough finish. The laminated steel is super thin. Old Tokyo style.


From the top right.


Touroku (Registerd) Etsuei



Tomoura with "Etsu" mark. Charcoal smithed chip breaker! Very rare....

Beautiful Masame dai.