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Hidari Hisasaku Koganna Plane Blade 503 AU 1 40 mm Tsukishima,


The steel is a very old british carbon steel which is similar to Japanese White Steel #1 Arthur Balfore steel. Ikegami-san of Hidari Hisasaku does not make plane blade anymore due to complication between the dai maker, this plane blade is a rare collector's item. I intend to use it myself and have not much intention on selling so the price is very high(^^)

Hidari Hisasaku can make chisels with the same steel, and I will be ordering them soon. A bit expensive compared to Sanjyo and Miki products since Hidari Hisasaku is located in Tokyo, but Tokyo tools are certainly interesting tools to own. Tokyo tools tend to be hardened more compared to other tool producing cities'. The quality is of course guaranteed by their fame.


Jigane is Yokote-tetsu. An old kamaji.

Hidari Hisasaku stamp mei.