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"Hiun (Flying Cloud) " by Ishido Hideo POA AU 1 70 mm Tokyo


Made in early 60's right after Ishido Hideo has received the Minister of Labor Award. I have sharpened the blade and uraoshi is done perfectly. The steel is Blue #1 and was super hard, as is often the case with Tokyo blades. It took such a long time to do the uraoshi!!! And even the front was very hard to sharpen. Good forging and good yakiire. Hiun and Teruhide brand is the top two blades from Ishido that has ma~~~~ny fakes made. If you see Hiun or Teruhide, you should at least doubt its genuineness. This one I can assure you its authenticity. No fake planes can be this hard. If it's a fake, this blacksmith is as good as Ishido.

The hardest work of adjusting the plane, uraoshi is done. The round stamp on the left corner of the kaesaki (the lamination line on the back) is Tokyo Plane Association stamp. Usually fake Ishido planes either don't have this stamp or look a bit weird.