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"Kenmei" by Usui Kengo (Fully adjusted) 1050 AU 1
70 mm Yoita,

Banyu and Kenmei is considered similar, but they are a bit different in their steel properties.

They both use Blue Super "Y" lot Steel. Blue Super Y Steel is different from conventional Blue Super Steel made by VAR (Vacuum Arc Resmelting). Blue Super Y Steel is made by ERS (Electroslag Resmelting). The process of steel making is different.

Kenmei's Y1 and Y2 lot contains more carbon (1.39%) than Banyu's Y0(zero) lot (1.28%), and also Banyu is tempered twice which makes it easier to sharpen. Banyu can go up to hard woods, whereas Kenmei can tackle very hard woods but much harder to sharpen.

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