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"Kezuroukai" by Usui Kengo (Only 20 made. Special Limited Edition only sold to Kezuroukai members)

POA JP 1 70 mm Yoita,

Special limited edition only sold to Kezuroukai members through its official publication. There are only 20 made. Non of Usui-san's limited planes in the past have been this limited in number.

The Kezuroukai member's publication is delivered from Gifu prefecture, so members who are closer to Gifu received the mail faster. By the time the mail reached Hokkaido and Kyuushu, all the planes were sold out.

Dad went to Usui-san and asked if Usui-san can make one more for him, but since this number was decided by the Kezuroukai it wasn't Usui-san's liberty to make more. Also the steel is for some reason kept secret by the Kezuroukai, and only says Tanso-kou (carbon steel). This would probably be the only one that would be sold out of Japan.


[Usui Kengo]

From the top right,

Tanso-kou (carbon steel)


Jyusshuunen kinen (10 year anniversary) Kengo, Akie saku

Kezuroukai, Jyusshuunen kinen