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Machida Kazushi "Hon-yaki" Yariganna POA AU 1 Order Nagano


Machida-san is a famous Japanese style knife maker. He makes all sorts of knifes and recently started making yariganna as well.

Hon-yaki is a highly intricate Japanese sword forging technique, which uses only steel unlike usual laminated tools. The blacksmith places yakiba-tsuchi (mud) thinner close on the edge and thicker on the body and wait until it dries completely. Then he place the mud applied blade carefully into the hearth and when it is heated up to the hardening temperature range he quickly pulls it out of the hearth and plunge it into the water. The edge is cooled faster thus becomes harder, and the core slower thus softer. Lamination technique was initially a mimicking of this Hon-yaki technique. Japanese swords hamon (wavy pattern) is created in this fashion.

Comes with a kiri sheath signed and stamped by the blacksmith.

You can see the centre of the blade is slightly darker. This is where the mud was applied thicker.

The back is made with a handtool called sen. You can see the hamon on the back as well.