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"Uzu" Plane Blade by Mosaku POA JP 1 80 mm Tokyo

Uzu ("Whirlpool") by Mosaku (Kanda Kikuo). The steel is Swedish Assab K120 steel (charcoal smelted special steel which is very close to tama-hagane steel. Tama-hagane steel is the steel used to forge Japanese swords). Kanda-san is a very few Tokyo blacksmith whose plane has been popular among Kezuroukai members since the inauguration of this organization. He specializes in carbon steel blades such as White Steel #1 and various Swedish steels. His trade mark is very Japanese delicate design. Collector's item. Once it goes over 70mm, it becomes harder to make the blade properly. The price between 65mm and 70mm isn't so different but, it is usually $1000 per 3.3cm after 70mm. Collector's item.

The ura-gane (chipbreaker) is tomoura (made by the same blacksmith) with Mosaku stamp on the back.