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"Otokozakari" by Tsutsumi Tomokazu (Vintage limited stock collector's item)   AU 2
Limited Stock
70 mm Tokyo

Super famous brand made by Tsutsumi Tomokazu (Tokyo blacksmith). The blacksmith has passed away long time ago, so there aren't much of these left. The rugged finish and mei-kiri(brand engraving) is the trade mark of Tsutsumi-san. The steel is Blue Steel #1 and as you can see pine charcoal smithed. It is more than 50 years old and has become very tenacious and hard from age hardening. It cuts as good as, or even better than Usui Kengo's famous Kenmei. The dai is rare very dark coloured Japanese Red Oak, made recently by master dai maker Horiba-san. One of the most well known collector's item. Super limited stock.

Oh, BTW, Otokozakari means "Prime of Manhood".

1 in red oak dai (the one shown in photo), another 1 in white oak dai. White oak one is probably much older from the style (don't really want to sell). Both adjusted, sharpened and tested. Ready to be used.

Uradashi and uraoshi done.

Tomoura by Tsutusmi-san. Hand kiri-mei (engraving).