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"Ouzan" Tougou Steel Small Plane by Yokoyama Kunio 16000~
36mm Single Blade
In Stock AU
24mm ~ 54mm Miki,

[About Togo-Reigou Steel and Yokoyama Kunio]

All Yokoyama plane blades are forged using pine charcoal. Charcoal smithing is the best because the low heat prevent the carbon evaporation. But at the same time it is the most expensive method as well, so not many blacksmiths forge this way. Some blacksmiths claims their planes are charcoal smithed but in reality gas forge smithed.

The dai is made by master dai maker Nimura-san. As you can see very closely grained high quality Japanese white oak. This white oak is the best from Sonobe, Kyoto.

You can have it with or without the osae (chip breaker). The one shown here was made for myself, so has no osae. I only use this for the final finishing so there's no need for osae. With J plane blade properly sharpened and the dai adjusted, if you go thin enough no matter how interlocked the grain it will not scrape.

Tougou-kou = Tougou Steel is a very close modern replica of the legendary super expensive Tougou Reigou steel. It is as good as Reigou steel. All Yokoyama Tougou steel planes are made with Ouzan mei (brand).




Tougou-kou stamp.

Yokoyama Plane Blacksmith