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"Rangiku" by Chiyozuru Sadahide (used, adjusted)   AU 1 70 mm Miki,

Very dark Hon-Akagashi block. These materials are gettin rarer and rarer.

Master Korehide on the right, and Sadahide I on the left. This panflet is included.

The back is in perfect condition. Uraoshi is done. This "ito-ura" condition is when a blade cuts the most.

It is hard to see, but the upper half of the blade has a beautiful feather pattern made by a handtool called "sen". Beautiful finish is Chiyozuru's trademark. The kama-ji grain is showing. The folding has been done very meticulously.

Red oak is softer compared to white oak, so it tends to chip at one side of the head along the grain. You can fix it, but I recommend you keep using it as it is, because once the flimsy part is off, it won't chip anymore.

Stamp of the dai maker Nimura.

The box signed and stamped by the master himself.