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"Wago" Blue Steel #1 Special Esoteric Forging (Japan Tool original recommended plane) 454 AU 1 70 mm Sanjo,

This is my most recommended plane along with Yokoyama Reigou plane. The steel is Blue #1 forged by the secret way that was studied through ancient writing regarding swordsmithing. Basically this secret forging technique refers to the cold forging. Cold forging is a process where the blacksmith hammers repeatedly when the steel is not heated. The more you hammer, the more robust and tenacious the steel become. Metalurgically, it is about retained Austenite (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austenite) turning into Martensite (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martensite). Japanese swordsmiths knew this from over thousand years of experience.

The blacksmith of this plane blade is kept secret, and that is why the price is so reasonable. Usually when the blacksmith become famous, the price goes up accordingly. Many users of this blade is saying that it even exceeds in performance compared to planes that cost double or more.

Wago, is my original mei. It means "to unite the strength".

The dai is abura-dai (oil soaked dai) by master dai maker Inomoto-san.

Simple kiri-mei (brand engraving). It came out a bit smaller than I orderd but I am very pleased with the work. I was wondering why the engraver lifted the placement of the characters but now I see why. Check where the kae-saki (the lamination line on the back. The shown side is the back) is. The engraver expect the user to use this blade for a long time.

Tomoura (chipbreaker made by the blacksmith)

The kamaji grain showing. Very thin laminated steel. Very easy to sharpen regardless of the super hard steel.

"Ao Ichi Tokubetsu Hiden Tanren" (Blue Steel #1 Special Esoteric Forging)

If you get a stock from me, I can put my handmade stamp if you'd like. It's an abreviation of famous Chinese saying "Life is as heavy as mount Tai, yet lighter than the feather of phoenix." Four characters read from the top right anti clockwise, Tai, moutain, phoenix, feather. This stone is called Chiken Blood stone. The ink mud is from famous ink mud maker in Shanghai, Shi-ling, the colour is Mei-rei.

My design when I ordered the blade.