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Yarri-ganna Handle Making, and Sharpeinng Yokoyama Yarri-ganna        

How to make yarri-ganna handle. And also, as a reference, Yokoyama Yarri-ganna sharpening process.


Sharpening Yokoyama Yarri-ganna to Shigefusa Finish

Initial state.... It is as if it is a challenge from the blacksmith to the user.... Well, bring it on!

You cannot grind the steel part, but the jigane is a high quality Rentetsu soft steel, so it is very easy to grind with a file. I've applied the axe sharpening method, which also uses files.

Left side done.

Both sides done.

Coarse grinding with #400 GC stone.

The stones need to be rounded in order to sharpen this style of traditionally shaped yarri-ganna. Machida-san's modernised version can be sharpened on a flat stone. I personally like the trad style better. It looks much cooler.

Again, the stone needs to be rounded. King #1000.

Rentetsu's beautiful patterns are showing. Many blacksmiths mix modern soft steel into their Rentetsu and Watetsu (because of the scarcity of the material), so the pattern isn't as beautiful as Yokoyama-san's tools.

Aoto. The quarry? Miyagawa? Inokura? Kouzaki? Nup. Ask me if you are interested.

Soft Hideriyama razor size finishing stone. Basically done for the polishing.


Not so well done.... But good for the first attempt without any knowledge, I suppose.... Hahaha It says "Made by Yokoyama Kunio from Harima country. Forged using Tougou steel."

Finished with Oohira Uchigumori finger stone. I'm quite satisfied of the result.