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Mumei 70mm Blade by Master Craftsman Yokosama Masato 400
(Special Price)
AU 1 70mm


Yokosaka Masto is a super famous plane blade blacksmith from Yoita town in Niigata. His fame is second only to Usui Kengo from the same town. His plane (Rakuzan is the most famous plane) is widely used by Kezroukai members, and he himself is a devoted Kezuroukai member.

White Steel #1 + Very soft Kamaji. High quality tomoura (chip breaker made by the same blacksmith). Purchased from Mr. Tsuchida, a famous Chiyozuru Korehide tool collector who runs a again a super famous tiny tool shop in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.


The chipbreaker has a "yabane (yah-bah-neh) = arrow feather" pattern.