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Rakuzan 65mm by Yokosaka Masato 550
(Special Price)
AU 1 65mm


Blue Steel #1 + soft steel jigane + high quality white oak dai made by master dai maker Nishimura Yuuichi. Laminated high quality tomoura chipbreaker (chipbreaker made by the same blacksmith).

Adjusted and fully sharpened by a Kezuroukai member. The total adjustment is just superb.

Rakuzan is known for its long lasting edge. One kezuroukai member has established the longest shaving record of 450m with this plane.




Uraoshi is beautifully done.

The front bevel is perfectly sharpened and polished. Even the chipbreaker, which he must have not used is well adjusted and polished. You can see he even filed off the corner of the chipbreaker.

Kinsei Yuuichi saku. "Humbly made by Yuuichi"