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Togo Reigou Plane "En" by Yokoyama Kunio POA

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70 mm Miki,

[About Togo-Reigou Steel and Yokoyama Kunio]

Special limited edition made only for my father. The BEST of the BEST Reigou blade. This model is not retailed even in Japan.

All Yokoyama plane blades are forged using pine charcoal. Charcoal smithing is the best because the low heat prevent the carbon evaporation. But at the same time it is the most expensive method as well, so not many blacksmiths forge this way. Some blacksmiths claims their planes are charcoal smithed but in reality gas forge smithed.

The unique rough look of a genuinely charcoal smithed oxide skin.

Dai is made by master dai maker Nimura-san. The newly arrived one has a better quality dai with "Nimura" stamp on instead of "Ni" stamp, which is $30 more.

The shown chip breaker is high quality one made by the former apprentice of Chiyozuru Sadahide, Uchihashi Keizou, but the newly arrived one has a normal type chip breaker.


Sale Items

Two blades shown below has a bit of defect which Yokoyama-san didn't like which does not affect the performance. It is just the aesthetics which is making Yokoyama-san not wanting to sell these for regular price. These will not have Kiri box, and the dai will not have Nimura-san's stamp on, but the dai is made by Nimura-san.

$200 off from regular price for #1 and $250 off of #2.



A bit of delamination on the side, which does not affect the performance. $200 off.

This delamination is the only problem. the depth of the delamination is about 4mm. I can assure you it will not affect the perfromance.



A bit of scar on the side of the head, and shorter than usual steel. $250 off.

The Reigou steel is very hard to stretch, and some end up shorter than usual like this one.

Just a bit of scar on the side of the head. Again no effect on performance whatsoever.

Yokoyama Plane Blacksmith