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Togo Inukubi Mokume Finish Plane by Yokoyama Kunio (Limited stock Japan Tool recommended) POA JP 4
70 mm Miki,

[About Togo-Reigou Steel and Yokoyama Kunio]

Very rare Tougou Inukubi steel plane.

Inukubi (dog neck) steel is one of the 11 Tougou steel which can be forged by Yokoyama-san only using charcoal for forging and water for hardened. Togo Inukubi (dog neck=the label of this steel had a dogs face on) steel, is closer to carbon steel such as White Steel thus more suited to softer woods. Many people think Inukubi steel is similar to High Speed Steel because of the misleading description on the label of this steel, but it is definitely not like HSS. It is farily easy to sharpen and the edge become extremely sharp, but not as long lasting like Reigou. The only similarity between Inukubi and HSS is that they are both very difficult to stretch and laminate (stick to iron). This is why Inukubi steel's plane blade has shorter steel laminated.

Dai is from Nimura-san as usual but without the stamp and with a cardboard box.

All Yokoyama plane blades are forged using pine charcoal. Charcoal smithing is the best because the low heat prevent the carbon evaporation. But at the same time it is the most expensive method as well, so not many blacksmiths forge this way. Some blacksmiths claims their planes are charcoal smithed but in reality gas forge smithed.

These have a bit of scars on the steel, thus will be discounted up to $150 from the regular price. But as you can see, there would be no effect on performance for at least multi decade (probably forever. Your grand children might complain(^^))

Yokoyama Plane Blacksmith