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"Kanshin" by Yokoyama Kunio (WS, BS#1)   Order 60mm


All Yokoyama planes are strictly pine charcoal smithed and water hardened, dai made by master dai maker Nimura-san. Some famous blacksmiths use electronically controlled forges and lead harden their blades and sell it as a pine charcoal smithed water hardened. But Yokoyama-san doesn't even have those machines, and takes pride in sticking to the tough traditional way. Strictly pine charcoal smithed and water cooled. Viva Yokoyama blacksmith!

Kanshin can be ordered with various type of steel. White Steel #1, Blue Steel #1,2, Swedish Steel (Assab K120).

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Very soft Kamaji iron.

Teuchi Sumi-yaki = "Hand hammerd, pine charcoal smithed".

Yokoyama Plane Blacksmith