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"Ouzan" by Yokoyama Kunio     60mm


Yokoyama-san's plane made with Tougou-kou (very close modern replica of Tougou Reigou steel). All Yokoyama planes are strictly pine charcoal smithed and water hardened, dai made by master dai maker Nimura-san. Some famous blacksmiths use electronically controlled forges and lead harden their blades and sell it as a pine charcoal smithed water hardened. But Yokoyama-san doesn't even have those machines, and takes pride in sticking to the tough traditional way. Strictly pine charcoal smithed and water cooled. Viva Yokoyama blacksmith!

[About Togo-Reigou Steel and Yokoyama Kunio]

It is a bit hard to see but on the top right, there is a stamp that says Tougou-kou. Yokoyama-san always put a stamp that shows which steel is used.

Excuse my poor uraoshi technique (the top left of the steel). This was done long time ago when I was still learning how to use these magnificent tools. The steel is warped so needed special attention when doing uraoshi, but how was I supposed to know that! There was no one who can teach me that kind of subtle technique back then.

I want to make sure this doesn't happen to the users who buys tools off me. Of course anyone who bought Japanese tools from other shops are welcome to ask me anything as well! As I have said this many times on this site, I am not a shop but a hobbyist who happens to enjoy introducing these tools.

Yokoyama Plane Blacksmith