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Yokoyama Tamahagane Plane (Tamahagane from Miyano Tetsunosuke) Reference NA 56mm


Dad's comments.

The urasuki is superb (tohoho) <---this is supposed to be a joke. Yokoyama-san's urasuki is usually terrible as you can see! He doesn't care (tears). A friend of mine who visited my place and saw Yokoyama-san's plane blade said "it looks as if a chunk of steel was picked up from the road and put an edge on it." But he said he likes it better than more artificial looking decorated plane blades.

A bit of Tamakizu (= Tamahagane scar, meaning uneven parts resulting as tiny holes.)

Tamahada (Wavy pattern of Tamahagane) showing.

Kera of Tamahagane from Miyano Tetsunosuke. These went to late Sakata Kenji > Miyamoto Masao and now landed in my father's hands.