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Image Item Name Price (AU$) Stock Length (mm) Origin
Shindo Dozuki (super fine dovetail saw) 250 AU 1 240 Suwa,

This is the best dozuki saw I have at the moment. Very special handmade dozuki made by one of the most famous sawsmith Shindou Katsuo from Suwa, Shinshu (Nagano prefecture). You might be able to find some of his saws sold in American sites (should be super expensive). Shindo has passed away many years back, so these are super rare collector's item. Unfortunately there are couple of tooth broken. But as you can see in the photo where (it is on the handle side where you don't really use) and how the tooth are broken (every other tooth) doesn't effect the performance too much. Hon-metate (the best quality toothing) cuts superb, so you can use it as it is and when you have it sent to the saw doctor next time you can have them retoothed.

The price is reduced for the broken tooth and a bit of rust marks.