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Miyano Kojirou (Anahiki Style) ebay AU 1 260 Miki,

Miyano is a very famous family name for sawsmiths from Miki. Miyano Tetsunosuke and Heijirou are the two most famous sawsmiths in Japan. The steel is high quality White Steel #2 (#1 is a bit too brittle for saws, so it is usually #2.) Meticulously handmade using sen to shave the body. Hon-metate done. Ready to be used.

Typical Lamination style seen in Miyano family saws. The stamp reads Shirogaim (White Steel) Registered Kojirou

Miyano Kojirou stamp. Again a typical stamp style of Miyano family, where the center is less visible.

Just a bit of rust on the head, but apart from that it is rust free.