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Ichihiro Oiire Nomi Boxwood POA AU 1 Oiire

I am not eager to sell this Ichihiro chisels at all. I intend to use them myself so I have taken off the protective lacquer and sharpened a couple to perfection. But as they are such an amazing tools, I will list a couple of photos to share their beauty. If you insist on buying these master pieces, I will give you a quote, but don't be surprised by the price. The steel is White Steel #1. I was always dubious about the super expensive price until when I first aquired Ichihiro chisels and sharpened them. I had thought that I was passed off a fake which was made of Blue Steel #1. It was that different from other White Steel #1 tools. Unfortunately I have never met Yamazaki-san in person, and now that he rests in peace I never will be albe to... I used to live so close to him when I was back in Japan.

Traditional style of set. Two larger size has a beveled edge (called Mentori style) and the rest is in box style (called Kaku-uchi style). This style was prevalent until 1950.

The handle is rare Japanese Boxwood by handle maker Fukuichi. Absolutely beautiful. The strike hoop is handmade by Ichihiro.

Sharpened to perfection using my best Nakayama stone. You can see the blind reflecting on the bevel.

The famous handmade black hollow. The hollow is meticulously made by hand using a handtool called "sen". Ichihiro uses pine charcoal for the hardening process, so you can see the unique pattern in the oxide film on the back. The handle maker Fukuichi's stamp is showing on the handle.

Yet another famous Hidari Ichihiro trademark. The Kanji is flipped over and written in mirror-writing. Hidari Ichihiro used to call themselves simply Ichihiro before, but one wholesaler registerd Ichihiro brand under his name and started selling fake Ichihiro's. Of course these chisels didn't sell at all, but Yamazaki family was bereaved of their brand name. unable to use the name Ichihiro, Yamazaki added Hidari (=left) on top and flipped the brand mark over and called themselves Hidari Ichihiro. The hexagonal mark above the Ichihiro mark is the Tokyo Blacksmith Guild stamp.

The hazy finish. I polished the back to perfection using the Asagi stone from above. 42mm shown on the left has a bit more to go until both corner of the tip touches the stone, but basically done. 24mm is in perfect condition. I really don't want to sell this set.(^^)