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Ichihiro Oiire Nomi Ebony POA JP1 Oiire

The steel is White Steel #1. I was always dubious about the super expensive price until when I first aquired Ichihiro chisels and sharpened them. I had thought that I was passed off a fake which was made of Blue Steel #1. The feel was that different from other White Steel #1 tools.
Unfortunately I have never met Yamazaki-san in person. I used to live so close to him when I was back in Japan.

Traditional style of set. Two larger size has a beveled edge (called Mentori style) and the rest is in box style (called Kaku-uchi style). This style was prevalent until 1950.

These were made in 1974. I am not sure yet, whether these are made by 2nd generation Ichihiro, Yamazaki Isami, or the 3rd generation, Isami's son Shouzou who has just passed away. The handles are traditional Tokyo style with polished ferrule and strike hoop. Ichihiro's chisels are usually attatched with these handles.