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Tsuki Ichihiro Oiire Nomi, Migaki Finish, Rosewood (Used/Restored) POA JP1 Oiire

The steel is White Steel #1. I was always dubious about the super expensive price until when I first aquired Ichihiro chisels and sharpened them. I had thought that I was passed off a fake which was made of Blue Steel #1. The feel was that different from other White Steel #1 tools.
Unfortunately I have never met Yamazaki-san in person. I used to live so close to him when I was back in Japan.


Very rare Migaki finish Tsuki Ichihiro. Tsuki Ichihiro is made by second generation Ichihiro. Tsuki means moon in Japanese, and it denotes the cresent moon mark on top of the Ichihiro mark. I have never seen these apart from in Dougu Mandara book shown below. This set shown in the book is also a Tsuki Ichihiro set. According to the book, Yamazaki-san was requested to make another set by someone who saw this set and was willing to spend 1,000,000JPY more than 50 years ago, but Yamazaki-san declined saying it takes too much time, it will cause problem to other customers waiting for his chisels.

Restoration was done by a sword polisher using sword polishing technique.