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2nd generation Ichihiro Tsuki Nomi   AU1 Tsuki

The steel is White Steel #1. I was always dubious about the super expensive price until when I first aquired Ichihiro chisels and sharpened them. I had thought that I was passed off a fake which was made of Blue Steel #1. The feel was that different from other White Steel #1 tools. Very famous and confident blacksmith, a member of kezuroukai, Funatsu Funahiro from Yoita, Niigata, had once admited that it was impossible even for him to make White Steel #1 as hard as Ichihiro's....
Unfortunately I have never met Yamazaki-san in person. I used to live so close to him when I was back in Japan.


Currently under restoration. The ebony handle has a crack in it. I am thinking if I should replace it to a new one or not.


Tsuki Ichihiro (Moon mark Ichihiro). This brand mark was used before Hidari Ichihiro mark.

The back hollow is in perfect shape. This chisel wasn't used too much.

Uraoshi not done yet.


After restoration of the body

The edge of the side is very thin.

Very old jigane. Chain-ji? Ve~~~~ry soft jigane. The steel is quite hard so I have to be extra careful not to over grind the jigane side.

Uraoshi done.

Handmade ferrule.