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Masanari Oiire Nomi (made before 1980. Japan Tool recommended.) 100/each AU 24
JP 4

[Masanari Chisels]

Limited stock. Most likely to be White Steel #1. I had always thought it was White Steel #2, but now that I've sharpened so many, I'm quite sure it is too hard for White Steel #2. If you think it is White Steel #1, it explains everything and there is no wonder it's so good! Made before 1980. Very hard and tenacious from age hardening. Handle is made and attached by famous handle maker Kane-ei, who makes handles for most of the famous Sanjyo chisel makers, including Tasai, Kunikei, Kikuhiromaru, Yamahiro, Fujihiro, Kiyohisa, etc.

Can be sold without handle if you want to attatch your favorite wood (refer to the Quince Handle Making page). Can supply the matching ferrule (kuchi-gane) and the strike hoop (kazura). 36mm is the only available size unfortunately. 2 more left of the ones without handle.

My Masanari, sharpened to the max with my best Nakayama Asagi stone. This is called Kasumi (hazy) finish that is unique to natural stone. It looks hazy if you look from this angle.

Nakayam Asagi. See how evenly hazy it looks. This is how a properly polished back should look like. Very hard to achieve this level of perfection, but it is possible for anyone as long as you know how and keep practicing. Refer to my forum article on how to flatten the back and prepare a brand new chisel.

This is how it looks when the light is reflected. It looks very polished.

Check the date on the newspaper.