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Nobuhiro 9mm x 2 (1 fully adjusted, 1 untouched) ebay AU 2 Oiire


I was asked to get a less expensive tool for novice sharpeners to practice with. Finally prefect chisels for practicing! The steel is very soft (within Japanese chisels), probably Yellow Steel #2 or SK steel (about as hard as Stanley basic line chisels). Overall make is quite rough, so you don't have to worry even if you make a mess out of it. But is is still steel laminated on jigane, so it'll feel as real as more expensive chisels where you have to pay attention to the pressure distribution when you sharpen not to grind the jigane side too much.

Perfect pieces for practicing!

Top bottom is fully adjusted and sharpened (polished by one of the Oohira Suita from my web site). The handle is sanded and oiled so the sticker is off. The hoop is lowered for the adjusted one. You'd need a certain tool to lower the hoop for this particular chisel. If you don't have it, you can take off the hoop and carve the handle a bit, so that it'll go down easier. At the moment it is really tight. I'll leave one not lowered, so that you can practice.

Left polished with super fine Oohira Suita, right made it flat with Bester #2000 to show the lamination. Although done quite roughly, it is still handmade lamination done by blacksmith, and not by machine.

The back hollow isn't made neatly so although the one on the left is flat, the shape of the hollow is a bit deformed. The unsharpened one is sharpened by machine, so it is sharp but it is not flat both on the bevel and the back, so next time you sharpen you'll have to go through all the work.