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Oouchi Oiire (Old Unused Stcok from 1980s) Fully Sharpened and Adjusted 6800~ AU 2 Oiire


Trusted brand made by Oouchi Mitsuaki and Toshiaki. Their chisels are affordable yet highly reliable. Many carpenters and cabinet makers rely on this brand for their heavy daily works. One of the best cost performance chisels.

The steel is probably White Steel #1. Fairly easy to sharpen, but quite tenacious due to age hardening. Good for daily hard use, and good for paring as well since it is very sharp.

15mm 6800
42mm 12000

15mm are in Kaku-uchi (box) style (prevalent style before 1950)

Fully sharpened and polished. I used Okudo Suita stone for the final polishing.

I ran out of paint stripper so the protective lacquer is still on making it look shiny, but below the lacquer it is dry black colour of black oxide film.

Uraoshi done as well. The steel is hazy as you can see.

The sticker on the larger size has wholesaler's mark instead of Oouchi's, but the quality of the read oak is good. It is dark in colour unlike the light colour ones of more recent Oouchi handle.