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Oouchi Tataki (Old Unused Stcok from 1980s) 6500~ AU 3 Tataki


Trusted brand made by Oouchi Mitsuaki and Toshiaki. Their chisels are affordable yet highly reliable. Many carpenters and cabinet makers rely on this brand for their heavy daily works. One of the best cost performance chisels.

The steel is probably White Steel #2. Fairly easy to sharpen, but quite tenacious due to age hardening. Good for daily hard use.

Overall length is 295mm.

15mm 6500
24mm 9500
36mm 10000

The one in the middle had the worst rust. I chose the worst one and polished it up. The result is shown below. Other two don't have much rust on the front and the back. They can be sharpened as it is, and ready to be used.

The worst one.

Quite deep rust on the front.

The back has a bit of rust as well. But fortunately not so deep because of the protective laqcuer.

The famous kashiwa leaves brand mark. This sticker is gone for this one, since I polished up the handle.

The brand mark not so visible, yet....

Polished up.

I polished the bevel to show the quality of the lamination. There is about 1mm more grinding to go to make the edge sharp, so you'd need a good coarse grit stone. I hope you won't use any grinders, because it will easily over temper.... If you are planning on grinding, it will cost you a bit but you should ask me to do it for you. The sharpness would be much much better when the steel is not over tempered.

Uraoshi has been done. No rust on the back now. It is quite difficult to make the back absolutely flat for this kind of size.

Famous brand mark of Oouchi, lapped two kashiwa leaves. Now highly visible!

The handle material seems to be very light colour red oak. I sanded, oiled, and French polished. The hoop is lowered as well.