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Tasai Migaki Oiire (Japan Tool recommended) POA Order Oiire

My most recommended finish from Tasai.

While the hammered finish chisel is the most recommened chisel from Kunikei, this Migaki finish is definitely the most recommended chisel from Tasai. There is Mokume finish which is absolutely beautiful, but there is the price issue, and also the Mokume pattern is a bit too fancy if you think of using it day to day. Migaki finish is great for daily use. I have a set of 10 myself, which was acutally the very first set I bought, and use it for daily job. As you can see in the last photo, it changes to more darker blueish colour as it ages. I took off the protective laqcuer and left it unoiled (except for the blade and the back) to let it age. If you want to keep the shiny look you can simply keep the protective laqcuer on or oil it after use.


The shown handle material is tsuge (boxwood).