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Togihide AU$415 JP 2 Oiire


Togihide is a wholesaler's brand. The price is cheaper because of the rugged finish, the hidden name of the blacksmith, and the cheaper kiri box made in China. The handle is red oak, and the steel is White Steel #2 so it is decent where the perfomance is concerned. These are not a machine made cheap tools. The lamination is done meticulously, fully hand-forged by a blacksmith from Miki city. These are not defective chisels with minor delamination and what not sold for less. No delamination, no chisels that are cut in half from larger size, etc.

It is fairly easy to sharpen but becomes very sharp as White Steel #2 is a carbon steel. Not suited for the hardest woods, but can tackle from the softest to the hard.

Good choice for people who are,,,
1. looking for decent quality but not wanting to spend too much on the neat finish.
2. just starting woodworking and want to start the "Japanese way".
3. wanting to learn how to use (including the setting up/sharpening) Japanese chisels.

It's hard to see in the photo, but the box is not of the highest quality. But it does keep the moisture away, and keep the chisels in order.

Meticulous lamination, and clean back hollow.

The back hollow of the narrowest 3mm is decent as well.