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Toshi??? Sotomaru (Carpenter's Gouge) W15mm, L270mm ebay AU 1 Chu-Tataki


From the same carpenter I got the second generation Ichihiro slick. The front bevel is flattened. Red oak handle restored. The hoop is lowered. The steel is White Steel #2. Fairly easy to sharpen. Basically ready to be used.

Definitely not a cheap tool. The price is starting from low price because I haven't flattened the back. If it was I'll add $30.

I couldn't read the second Kanji character of the mei.


Kasumi (hazy) finish, using Tanba med finish stone.

The back is slight ly warped to the steel side, so when I polished the back with a #400 coarse grit stone, only the tip and the handle side of the steel touched the stone, and you can see how there is no rust on the tip. The rust is only on the surface.