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Tsunehiro Oiire 1   AU 1 Oiire


One of the best chisel I've ever used. It is as good as Ichihiro in my opinion. Quality of the steel, the shaping of the body and the neck, the intricately made back hollow, everything is of superb quality. The steel is White Steel #1 and it is hard as Ichihiro's. Part of my collection. Sharpened to perfection. I have not much intention to sell, thus the shown price.

Yamada Tsunegoro, the blacksmith of Tsunehiro has passed away long time ago, so these are no longer in production.

The jigane seem to be some sort of kamaji, possibly watetsu. It has a unusual grain.

The hoop made by the blacksmith. Very roughly shaped. Awesome looking.

One of the best nimai-ura I have ever seen.