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Keiju Chu-Tataki Nomi (collector's item) 203 AU 1 Chu-Tataki

Keiju is a very famous brand from Sanjyo Niigata. The blacksmith Nagayoshi Keizaburou is the second son of another very famous chisel maker Kiku-hiro-maru I. Keizaburou√‘ elder brother Shouji took after his father and became Kiku-hiro-maru II (refer to Kiku-hiro-maru page for more information). Keiju had a very good reputation with its high quality chisels, and since Keizaburou has retired from health problem decades ago, many fans of his chisels especially the collectors are looking for the remaining stocks. Keiju along with Kiku-hiro-maru, was especially good at handling difficult white steel.