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Price for Adjustments and Sharpening

This applies only to the items that are stocked in Australia, unless you are willing to pay twice amount of shipping to bypass Australia, which some of my friends do actually.

Regardless of the type of tool, it is a VERY hard work for me to adjust and sharpen to the level as shown in Masanari chisel's page (I don't want to do it sloppy if I'm gonna do it. It takes at least 3 hours), but if you are not familiar with setting up brand new chisels, plane blades, etc. it should be worth it, at least for one of your items if not all, because then you can study how it should be, and I believe this is very important and valuable lesson. I have been told by many people that they have never seen the level of sharpness and accuracy as my sharpening.(^^) I have been doing this for free up to now but it is becoming just impossible since the number of order has drastically increased.

You should be able to see why it is so hard, for instance to set up a chisel, if you read the below article. No shops would do this much, to this accuracy, that's why my price is very very expensive. I know some shops do it for $5 each, but if you know what "adjustments and sharpening" is all about, you should see for that kind of price you shouldn't be expecting a quality adjustment. I have to charge you as much as shown below to make sure that I don't slack. Any cheaper and I won't be able to feel worth all the effort.

I'm sure for this kind of unusually expensive price, no one would bother to order, but just in case I'll list the price for each job. There are some tools that are already adjusted and as you can see those should be considered a good buy.



- Lowering the hoop: Usually free of charge.

- Uraoshi only: $5 ~ $30 depending on the size, steel and the degree of warp (This process is ve~~~~ry important, and difficult if you want to make it perfect.)

- Sharpen and polish the front to the max: $15 ~ $30 (More expensive for the kuroba = a blade that Doesn't have any edge on and have to grind 1mm thickness. Old tools tend to be this way, including Masanari.)

- Total dress up (Everything that's mentioned in the below article): $50 ~ $70

If you wish to do it yourself, the below article should guide you.

[How to Set Up a Brand New Chisel]

You can check what kind of result you can expect from me in Masanari chisel's page.


Planes (70mm)

- Uraoshi: $40 for carbon steel blades, $50 for alloys (Blue steel, Tougou-kou, and Reigou)

- Uradashi and Uraoshi: $70 (It is expensive because I have to risk chipping the blade. Not all blades require this process, so you can first order Uraoshi only, and if I find out it is necessary I'll get back to you. And if it's minor I'll just go ahead and do it for free.)

- Front bevel Sharpening: $5 (Usually you'd have to change the angle of the blade since it is always too keen. I use jigs until there is enough bevel surface to handsharpen, so for initial front bevel sharpening it is very easy, thus the cheap price.)

- Block adjustments: $200 (Try not to order this unless you really want me to do it for you. It takes days for me to do it properly.... You can read Odate-san's book and try to do it little by little so that the socket won't be too loose.)



- Handle making and fitting: $50~ (Depends on the style and material so please ask.)


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