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Usui Kengo

Featured in many books, this blacksmith is THE most famous of all Japanese blacksmiths. Anyone who'd be as famous as him would be Ishidou-san only. Usui-san's planes are also THE most famous not only in Japan but out side of Japan as well. Born in 1928, he has been a plane blade blacksmith since 17 years old. Usui-san and his wife Akie-san have strived to make a single plane blade that goes superb on softest and hardest of woods. They have literally devoted their lives in achieving this goal, and this effort has culminated with two recent alloy planes Kenmei and Banyu. Kenmei at Kezuroukai contest marked 36000m of shaving without re-sharpening. Also the same plane has been able to plane the cedar sapwood (the softest) after planing the knot without any trouble. A plane of a dream. The "Uchibamono Shokunin" book (see book section) introduces him in detail, so I will translate it sometime.


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