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Shapton "Hano-Kuromaku" J Version of Professional Series 120 ~ 30000 5000 ~ 55000    

I don't think I need to explain about these stone. They are just too famous. I'll just write a breif one.

THE most famous Japanese brand. One of the best cutting strength when it's used with carbon steel. Someone said it is like an alien technology. The cutting strength is so high, you don't need to press hard with these stones. Just let the stone do all the work

Shapton stones are one of the hardest stones among various brands. Suited for skilled users who prefer hard stones. Hard stones are prefered by skilled users because the surface keep flat longer, therefore can be used for uraoshi as well. But hard stones are more difficult to use to so King stones that are softer might suit beginners.

Shapton stones are a ceramic glue bonded stone, so you cannot keep it in the water too long. The stone will becoming brittle, so make sure you let it dry after use .

10% discount for getting 3 or more items.

#120, #220, #320 5000
#1000 5100
#1500 5500
#2000 5800
#5000 7600
#8000, #12000 10000
#30000 55000