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Image Item Name Grit Price (JPY ) Stock L x W x H (mm)
Shapton Glass Stones J Version

220 ~ 30000

4200 ~ 31500JPY
10% off for getting 3 or more


The ones I carry are different from the ones sold out of Japan that were designed to work well with Lie Nielsen's A2 Steel.

The ones sold here are designed to work with Japanese steels. The bond used seems to be different from the exported model.

10% discount for getting 3 or more items.

220 4200JPY
500 4800JPY
1000 5200JPY
2000 5700JPY
3000 6400JPY
4000 6400JPY
6000 7200JPY
8000 9000JPY
16000 11400JPY
30000 31500JPY

Diamond Reference Plate 29800JPY
Stone Holder 8200JPY
Pond 18000JPY
Stone Set Holder (Holds 3 stones, and the other side act as anti slip base) 5000JPY <<< Good quality and usuful. Recommended.

Set 1: Woodworking set (1000 3000 8000 + Stone Set Holder) 24600JPY
Set 2: Knife polishing set (500 2000 16000 + Stone Set Holder) 25900JPY


These were introduced to the US market prior to Japan as an experiment.

My friend who visited me just couple days ago brought a couple with him, and I had the chance of trying them. I have been hearing from all of you how good these are, and WOW, you guys were right. This is one of the best synthetic stones I have ever experienced! Mizuochi-san from Iwasaki razor is finishing the Iwasaki razors with #30000 (altho it is more like cosmetic finish rather than practical), and the dai maker Inomoto-san is recommending as well.

It is not as hard as I have been hearing, very similar to Sigma stones, oily smooth yet quite aggresive. Also, because it is backed by the glass plate, when it gets thinned, you don't have to worry about it warping or breaking, you can use it till the very end.

Another good thing about this stone is that it is quite light, so the shipping will be cheaper than the professional series.