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Image Item Name Grit Price (JPY) Stock L x W x H (mm)
Sigma Power Series (Japan-Tool #1 recommeded) 120 ~ 10000 3800 ~ 10500 AU

Super famous blacksmith from Niigata, Iwasaki Shigeyoshi has tested these stones over and over trying to perfect the performance. He rejected the prototype so many times saying it is too soft, by the time he gave a go sign, it was very hard.

When Shapton stones are great with softer carbon steel, Sigma Power stones goes great with any kind of steel soft to hard. This is why I recommend this brand the most.

#120 Small size (210 x 63 x 33mm): 3800JPY, Large size (205 x 75 x 55mm): 6200JPY
#1000 4800JPY
#2000 6600JPY
#8000 9500JPY
#10000 10500JPY