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AU 1 140 x 87 x 23 Atago,


Hardness: 8.5
Fineness: 8.5
Cutting Strength: 1.5

Medium cutting strenght. Faily fine grain, easy to create the hazy finish. Easier to use when initial slurry created with Nagura or diamond sharpener. Clean stone with no lines. Good for beginners to intermediate sharpeners.

Mount Atago is situated in the west side of Kyoto city, in between various famous quarries such as Oohira and Nakayama. Quarried using bulldozers after Showa 46 (1971) for 12 years until being closed. The stratum is formed as a big round ball, enabling to produce thick stones.

You need to either use from this side, or affix a dai (base).