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Kouzaki Suita


AU 1 140 x 80 x 23 Kouzaki,


Hardness: 8.5
Fineness: 8.5
Cutting Strength: 2.5

Quite strong cutting strenght. Good for harder carbon steel and alloys. The water turns black right away with cut steel. No lines, very even texture. Easy to use.

Kouzaki is situated in the west side of Kyoto. It was famous for its med grit stones called Aoto (Blue stone). Kouzaki Aoto is considered to be the best Aoto, but they are almost impossible to find nowadays. Recently Kouzaki's Suita is starting to receive it's popularity long after this quarry was closed. It suit modern hard steel with the stronger cutting strenght. Suita has the strongest cutting strength of all stratum.