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Yaginoshima Suita 7


AU 1 148 x 85 x 18


Yaginoshima is located east of Oohira, North of Kouzaki, this mine has been under the control of Akechi Mitsuhide who has overthroaned the famous first ruler of entire Japan Oda Nobunaga. The stones were supplied to various woodworkers and sword polishers within his district. Suita from Yaginoshima is the most famous (along with various Namito), and it has a strong cutting strength with smooth texture. This mine has been closed long time ago.

Hardness: 7.5 ~ 8
Fineness: 7.5 ~ 8
Cutting Strength: 2

NOTE: Lines will mark the jigane(soft steel) a bit, but will make the hagane (steel) hazy and frosted. Good daily stone for basically any kind of job, also a good stone for med finshing stone to prepare for the final fine finisihng stone. Goes particularly well with harder steel, such as various alloys and white steel #1.