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"Hishou" by Usui Kengo POA JP 1 70 mm Yoita, Nigata

Hishou ("Flight") is Special limited edition. Blue Super Steel Y3 similar to Kenmei's steel, specially forged with pine charcoal. This one has been adjusted and used once in Kezuroukai. The owner seem to use hammer (instead of mallet) so there are hammer marks on the blade from setting the chipbreaker. This is the only one I can get and propably never be able to find another.


[Usui Kengo]

Plane of a Dream

Many thanks for choosing our product.

I have reached 60 years old in Heisei 1st (1988) and in the endeavor to further hone my blade smithing skill, with Hitachi Steel Company's cooperation I have succeeded to produce a flawless new alloy using Shimane prefecture's sand iron which is renowned for its world class quality, with the application of the highest steel making technology Vaccum Arc Resmelting.

For 40 years, I have pursued to create a single plane that could shave from softest cedar sapwood to ebony and ironwood, with the same ease of sharpening, without changing the blade angle (28degree) and bedded angle. This is literally a plane of a dream.

For the finishing of the front and the back hollow, I have used a sen to shave the steel and iron, and for the hardening I have again chosen the most traditional way of pine charcoal smithing using traditional technique and bellow, and in order to achieve the highest concentration and to prevent uneven hardening the process was done during the night time. The hardening is done slowly in the soft low heat, so you would be able to see the unique oxide skin which gives you a soothing feel. The steel does not get stressed, therefor it is easier to sharpen, the edge will last longer, and the planed surface will have a nice moist sheen. I believe this plane will serve you well for many years as one of the best plane in the history of carpentry tools.

Yours faithfully,

Usui Plane Factory
Certified Traditional Craftsman Usui Kenkou